Monday, April 13, 2009

Last week !

This last Thursday I went and hung out with my sister Corinne in provo and we had a sleep over at my aunt Angie's house, well the plan was on Friday was for me to go pick up my parents from the air port and Ang offered to tend gracy while I was gone. Me being such a good and organized mother left her with NO DIAPERS!!!!!!!!!! and of course she poops right when Im half way there. Anyway, Angi is so good natured and patient with me, she just totally dealt with the situation, let gracy pee on some dish towels and when I showed up this is what ang had her in. I though it was the cutest thing. She has a little boy about 5 years old. and he shared some cool undies with his cousin Gracy :) Oh and that stylin' wife beater :)
This is me and my sister corinne aka Coco. She took me to the neatest little Boutique in orem. Busy Bity, its so cute. its has a bunch of charms so you can make your own necklaces and they have baby stuff, bags and home decor' anyway. its my new fav. Its so weird for me to just hang with ONE of my sisters. Theres always a hole or something missing. I am always the happiest when all of the G-sisters are together. We miss you Tiff!!!

This is the newest addition to the Gardner Clan. His name is Barkley .....a little Maltese (sp?) He is hilarious. He looks like a little cotton ball jumping around. We love him.


JD & Whitney said...

you and your sister's are so gorgeous! and that picture of Gracy with her chubby legs is so cute!

Brett and Diane said...

Gracy in those in those boy underware…. soooo cute! You and Corinne are sooooo beautiful!!! It was fun to see her for a few seconds on Sunday. So is Barkley your dog or your parents? How fun!

Mark and Sheridan said...

Im so glad that you came over the other day. It was very good to see you and get to talk to you. That must have been an experience not having any diapers! She looks so cute in the little wife beater tank and undies! She is getting so big.