Saturday, January 16, 2010

18 Months!!!

I had to share these shows Gracy's personality off so well. She is just short a few days of being 18 months! I know everyone says how fast babies grow but seriously she has the motor skills of a three year old. I have to list some of my favorite things she is doing lately.
1. sticky crumb filled kisses, usually very generous with them especially if we are saying goodbye .
2. how she walks around the house with my purse and cell phone up to her ear jibber jabbering about something we all wish we could understand.
3. lately her new thing is to chew me out in her own Gracy language, very high pitched and sounds similar to an auctioneer person. And then feels bad for her outburst and repents with a hug.
4. she climbs everything! even pushes the chair up to the counter tops and tries to play in the sink!
5. LOVES books and everything her daddy does. Even the naughty things.
6. is obsessed with fixing things....she has her own personal screw driver and helps her dad fix the bedroom doors that regularly need attention.
7.loves makeup..... she sits on my lap every morning and we put on our faces together.
8. loves to pretend cook in her new kitchen set...although she cooks everything but food....mostly i find her own shoes sitting on the burners.
9. She is so totally concerned if she sees mommy crying or upset....she is right there patting my back or laying her head on me stroking my legs for comfort. (and it helps alot)
10. Still sleeps through the night! I can prob. count on one hand the bad nights we've had since she was born. I am so lucky to have a good little girl.
11. She has a hard time sharing Mom during nursery. I think being Nursery leader is going to help us both grow ...... hopefully sooner than later.
12. Her new best buddy is Nacho, they play and FIGHT.
13. She is doing so much better at the sharing concept.....and also the "fend for your self" concept.
14.Loves bath time and has such an imagination
15. She suddenly wont let me touch her she looks like a wild amazon child, and she pretty much is. Thats how we love her.
16. Loves to wear my shoes and can maneuver around with them on pretty well.
17. adores her grandparents and Great Grandparents.
18.Loves movies......favorite is little mermaid and sings every song IN TUNE. I cant even do that.
19. is addicted to Ovaltine
20. picks out her own clothes..

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