Friday, January 8, 2010

Gracy vs Nacho

I just wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from the last few months. Um this is my dad not yours mom ....... get away!!!! She personally told me this.
Gracy the cheeser. She is looking so grown up.....Im sure the ear to ear grin has something to do with the new bike she got Christmas eve.

This is what happens when Danny feeds the monster. Yogurt Facial. so soothing. For Gracy. Not for mom who has to clean it up.

Hey believe it or not Danny is cooking Breakfast! B. and Gravy yumm. Please dont look over the beautiful frilly apron danny is modeling. it really shows off his shape :)

Another cuddling moment. Notice there are no cuddle pictures with mom when dad is home. Gracy and I fight over who gets a hug first.

For the finale I had to post this video of Gracy and Nacho dukin` it out. They are so funny together. And NO i never let nacho on our blankets but this was to funny to watch. I am proud to say that Gracy stuck it out to the end and faught for her right to cuddle. Nacho did hold her own for a while, I actually thought she might win but no I think it might be the little bit of gardner\bingham blood mixture that has made Gracy quit the little fire cracker. Dont let the tears fool you. She had the whole thing planned out.


Dave and Alisha said...

haha I like when she crys you just encourage it more! ha

Tiffany said...

I love how she tried to sit on Nacho and says "Uh-OH!!" It reminds me of a certain home video of a little peg leg girl crying from the puppy...... same same. I miss her, she is changing so much! Her hair is always so cute. Get out here and see me!

The Nybergs said...

Nik-Your family is so cute! You are a great mom!

mommaknowsbest said...

ok.. i need to find that song playing in the background of the video.. i hear it all the time, but can't figure out who sings it..