Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SOON 2 B Auntie!!!!

Tiff is probably going to kill me but I am just so excited I need to Blog about it or I might just pop! So I got a phone call from my sister, she is prego and due the end of September, But she called me after her Dr. appointment today and said that she is progressing steadily and was told she will have the baby early but we are not sure of course my Mother is already packed and ready to hop a plane to KC. But I am just so excited for this new little "BOY" to get here!!!!!! Dont get me wrong....we have just loved our girls to death but I think any new addition is sooo exciting!!!! Its so cool to be an Aunt because you can sneak the kids extra treats and spoil them silly. Im lucky I have a bunch of little nieces and nephews so I dont get tempted to spoil my own kid to much. Anyway.....when this little guy arrived my dad, gracy and I are taking a road trip to stay in KC for a WEEK!!! and I get to snuggle that little munchkin all day :) And ....its about time we get another boy in the family !!!!!! ps. possible name for this kid will be.........(drum roll)
Ryder Grady It not official because Tiff and Ryan are freaks and cant make up their minds....I thought if I made it public it might make them more decisive ..... Im officially wishing my sister (and ryan) a happy labor :) Lets hope he comes into this world a little easier than his big sis did :) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Also We officially have a LAWN in the back yard!!!!!!! I feel like I just got a little freedom lol. Now we have all of these far out plans to have a beautiful garden and a little fire pit and a playground.......but soon realized we arent it all might have to wait and come when the money comes :) oh well Im just so thrilled about it..... maybe well get a few bbqs in before the .......snow comes.....FALL PLEASE STICK AROUND!!!!


Stan & Ash said...

Yay exciting!
and for the hair vote...i love your hair both ways...but i will vote for the lioness do....

Tiffany said...

Nice post! :) I am excited for him to get here too, and to not be pregnant anymore! And who knows about the name, it is causing me serious anxiety. I avoid bringing it up with Ryan because we just fight about it. It's a good thing mom will be here to referee! At least she's on my side. :) Can't wait to see you soon!