Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sprouse Vs Czar!

Last Saturday Danny and I went to support our good friends in the MMA fights at the Western Park. They were gracious enough to buy us a spot on their table and we were so close we were dodging sweat droplets ! Danny did NOT feel good but couldn't pass the occasion up, he looks pretty happy though with his free T-shirt and Mnt Dew to stay awake. I really have to try to talk him out of getting into fighting every time we go to these!
This is Blake's wife Brooke, I ADORE this girl! She has been such an amazing friend to me. She is always pretty nervous before Blake's fights (understandably) but as always shes cool as a cucumber !

Blake has never lost a fight, he really is fun to watch. Sadly this was his first fight he did lose with an arm bar. Most people have no respect for this sport, I didn't until I met the sprouses. You really have to play with your head and act smart. The guys that have no experience with martial arts and wrestling just think they can jump up there and use muscle to win are sorely mistaken. Blake did a great job!

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Kay's said...

Thanks for you help, i have been and will continue to use mirolax every morning, i only used it when he was backed up, so i will do it every morning so he can get regular, because i have been trying to potty train also and it's hard, he has been peeing in the potty for over a year now, but will just not poop in it because he's not regular, so hopefully this helps. Thank You and Good Luck to you too!! If you have any questions call also 790-6480