Monday, January 10, 2011

Merry Bingham Christmas and some stuff

Well we sure had an amazing Holiday. Although I did not put my pictures in order, so just roll with it, and understand that this is who I am. "un-organized and a late poster" so Anyway. Danny had a week off after Christmas! I know weird huh, so that really meant we had one free day to spoil and love on little Gracy. We thought it would be fun to take her to the Aquarium and Chucky-cheeses in Draper. We also thought she would have more fun with a partner in crime. The Willy's were in SLC already and so we just meet up with them and stole Gracy's cousin Annie for the day. Gracy was in HEAVEN. And Annie pretty much played mom and watched out for Gracy the entire day, it was so cute watching Annie take Gracy's hand and Mother her. Cutest thing ever. (I had to add that Annie was determined to buy Gracy something with her own money how cute is that)Chucky-cheeses.....Annie's First time! Gracy's Second. Annie was so hilarious, she insisted on washing her hands before touching any of her pizza! Annie: Aunt nicky, im really not comfortable with these germs on my hands, can we find a sink? how funny is she?

They loved this ride!

This was at the Aquarium.

The Girls were totally freaked out they let everyone touch the stingrays.

cool picture.......i had to look close, I couldnt tell if it was Annie or Gracy......its Annie of course. but cool photo.

Pretty neat aquarium.

My Favorite.

They were both so amazed.

We spent all of Christmas in Neola so we had a few late presents to open...

She is so into princess everything right now!!! princess table princess "house" she calls it.

She's not to shy, dove right into opening presents.

Gracy LOVES her Zu Zu pet.

Linda, Gracy and I with our super cute aprons that Amy made us. Dont judge the morning faces and crazy hair.

Gracy just loves little Annie. anything the big girls are is Gracy.

Out of the many gifts Gracy got from Grandpa and Grandma Bingham, I thought these were so cute. first pair of Carhartt jeans. she looks so cute in them.

opening the first present !!!

Christmas Eve is always fun with the Binghams. We usually party at Jonny and Adree's house. The food was amazing, the Games were hilarious and the company was even better. Gracy LOVES her cousins. Gracy ..... well being Gracy.

Danny ..... of course....... he won the entire Minute to win it challenge.

Had to post a picture of Jonny and ADree's pretty tree. Ours was pretty pitiful this year :(

Push up contest.....Big Jon can hold is own!

This is the Girls with Their new Jammies on. We played "minute to win it" . Linda my Mother-in-law smokin' us all.

Gracy and I opening new jammies and slippers.

Good sports!

Oh just another reminder of how much Gracy love her daddy...... and cookies. (mint choco chips cookies) they were soooo gooood.

Isnt my little girl so big! She will be 3 in 6 months! Its my favorite to watch her experience thigh deep snow, snowballs, a "real" snowman, the taste of fresh snow and how the air bites your face and stings your fingers. Those little things are what I remember when I was little. Its the best to see my little bee-bop finding out for herself. Oh how she adores her daddy. They are the same. And I love it.
Little Nacho, she is my favorite little pet. So well behaved and sweet with Gracy.

I LOVE this photo. She was hoping into Danny's footprints and did a really good job of it. Shes quit the little athlete already.

Frank is getting to be a better dog everyday. He's picking up on the way we do things pretty fast. He saved Gracy and I from a rabid Boxer the other day, totally pinned him down! So he is earning his keep. he loves Gracy and is so good with her. he pretty much just lays there and lets her do whatever she wants. The dogs keep Gracy busy until she can have a sibling someday. Atta boy Frankie.

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JD & Whitney said...

how cute! i love that pic of gracy kissing her daddy on the porch, so precious! frankie is adorable!