Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting!

White Rocks Canyon is so beautiful right now, after we got our tree we drove through the canyon and the Beavers cut down so many trees, it made such a mess on the road. There was this really pretty blanket of Fog that sat right on the tops of the mountains. I wish these pictures showed half of how pretty it was up there. We were lucky enough to find a Pinyin, they smell SO good, and its really a very full and pretty tree, BUT.......when we got it in the house we realized its DRIPPING with SAP! So Ive had to put newspaper everywhere. Totally worth it though, this tree smells the house of Christmas.!!!!

Look at our Nacho dog, She isnt our little puppy anymore. We love her.

Gracy did so well, I was so worried about her getting cold but she was pretty warm with her snowsuit on. She LOVES the outdoors, watching the leaves blow on the trees and even the cold on her cheeks. What a daddy's girl.

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