Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I have been taking my camera with me through all of my festivities and was so excited to update things with the holiday fun. Well, I LOST MY CAMERA!!!! this has been happening to just about everyone I know and now, I guess I got paranoid and it ended up happening ot me. Its so frustrating, especially since I had pictures on it I wanted. Anyway. Thats why my blog is slackin'. But on a brighter note, Thanksgiving was so fun. It was with my side of the family this year and we had dinner at Grandma Marie's house. She is such an amazing cook. Its so wierd how you end up anticipating this huge dinner and then its over in like MINUTES! after we just sat and played games and ate more food the rest of the night. Friday night was "holly days" in downtown vernal, its pretty fun. They have festival of trees and a parade and they actually roast chestnuts on an open fire.....yeah I know, our little town of vernal may be overduing it :) Anyway I think Gracy really loved it even though I know she was pretty cold through the whole thing. Saturday was my mom's suprise 50th Birthday party, it was so hard keeping it from her the entire holiday. but it turned out so sister and I b aked a ton of pumpkin cupcakes that had little suckers on the top saying ....."50 sucks" it was pretty funny, it was fun to see my mom so suprised and happy. Im Glad its all over now. its nice to have a little break before this weekend comes........yep there is more.......over the summer our friends Blake and Brooke Sprouse invited us to spend this coming weekend in their timeshare up in Steamboat Springs, we all have that nasty cold going around and are so pooped from the holday but .......I think I have a little more room for some relaxing and fun with friends.

Thats it until Christmas!!!I cant believe there is NO SNOW YET!!!!! Its kinda nice since we were all snowed in last year at this time :)

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Ryan & Tiffany said...

That timeshare sounds like fun!!! Lucky. I'm sad I missed out on Thanksgiving, love ya!