Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So yesterday Danny and I really got some stuff done on the house. Danny installed a "fan light" in the bathroom and I started peeling paint on the ceiling, by six that night we ended up tearing the whole ceiling out, down to the sheet rock. so yeah we have alot of work to do still but that's what we get for living in a house built in the 30's....1933 to be exact and since its our first house we both are learning alot . But its beginning to be alot of fun. It sounds lame but danny and I think of it as a wierd date, Its really cool to see progress and we try to have fun while we work. I think Gracy watched monsters inc. like 4 times yesterday to keep her occupied.

Things we still need done before winter comes:

~new windows (in the whole house)
~new roof
~get approved to dig a trench for our power line
~finish remodeling the bathroom

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