Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday at GG's house

We went over to my Grandma and Grandpas house, Gracy's Greats (GG's). We all decided to draw names for christmas and Luke, my cousin, wanted to feed Gracy, he thought it was pretty cool, hes such a cute little kid, and so well behaved. It was so funny, while he was feeding Gracy he said. "wow micky, shes Firsty like a dog" I thought that was hilarious... My Aunt Angi got Gracy laughing so hard doing patty cake, Its amazing that Gracy is already giggling and laughing at 3 months. Uncle Andy calles Gracy Fire Cracker, and Bailey RJ for "Ryan Jr" leave it to him for the funniest little nick-names. And Im sure your wondering about my Dad with the Hooter Hider, NO hes not breastfeeding, :) he decided to eat his Caramel popcorn undercover :) my Grandmas Caramel popcorn is seriously famous, its sooo good. ill have to post her recipe.


Ryan & Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh! All of these pictures are SO cute! It makes me miss it out there so much! BAD! Those pictures of her in the bath are so cute. She doesn't take up the whole sink like Bailey did. :) That shower food looked yummy, it is making me so hungry. I love the pictures of Luke feeding her, and her pigtails are so ADORABLE! I miss her so bad. Tell Danny he's on my badlist since I won't get to see her in November now. j/k I miss you guys so much!

Dave & Alisha Webb said...

Oh Nicky whatever you are so stinking cute and skinny plus have had a baby so NO fair! and the haunted house we paid $30 a person so for both 60 so not worth it. they didnt even jump out at you it was you just walking through halls looking at scary things... LAME. but we also went to Rocky Point a few years ago and that was SO good. and so everything else just sucks now:( but anyway I for sure want to see those pictures I can only imagin what they look like.