Sunday, October 26, 2008

House for Sale!

So We finally decided to go ahead and list our house. We haven't been trying very hard to sale it until we found some cute town homes in Roosevelt, I know everyone who knows me and is from Vernal you are rolling your eyes, I honestly love living in the basin. But...., I had some convincing from Danny, and after spending some time in Neola, I have come to love it. I love the country, horse back riding, cows, camping, fishing, its really where we are happy. I would rather live in Neola than Roosevelt but Danny's job has him commuting from vernal to Myton EVERY DAY! Its a killer, so back to the Townhouses, its the perfect place for us right now. It gives us an option to upgrade later down the road as well. My mom helped me pick out colors this last week, she is the one I usually go to for decision making on stuff like paint colors and furniture:) Love ya mom.

here is the site check it out.


Adree said...

I hope it all works out :)

Ryan & Tiffany said...

I hope your house sells soon! I am so excited about the townhouse! It sounds super cute! I don't like that it's farther from mom's house, so when I come visit, you'll have to sleep at mom's house, or I'll sleep over at your house. :)

Your header picture of Gracy is so DARLING!!!! She is such a doll. I just love her.