Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grandpa Gardner with the Girls

I know I have sooo many pictures of the Babies but I had to post this one. Tiff sent it to me from the trip. This is Great Grandpa Ned. Grandma marie gave the girls matching outfits and we dressed the girls up to go see them. Those babies are so loved, and SPOILED! Tiff and I are still freaked out that we are MOMMIES now! It doesnt feel wierd until we say it out loud. Its a scarey feeling because of the responsibility but I think Tiff and I both agree its the most amazing blessing. I couldnt imagine my life with out little Gracy Lou!

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Sorensen Fam said...

Hey Nicky! I found your blog through Alisha's and your little Gracy is SO cute! AND that hair! Your so lucky, ours doesn't have like ANY and she's almost 6 months! I'll never get to do piggies...sigh