Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I got Tagged! by Ashley Painter (7 wierd things about me)

Humm. first of all I have to agree with Ash, I have a secret passion for UFC, and yeah its totally barbaric and the crowds are'nt really the best type of people but, I watched one of danny and I's good friend Blake Sprouse fight, and it was Amazing I sat next to Brooke (Blakes wife) and we both started cheering and yelling and was enthrolled in the whole thing. WE GOTTA GO ASH!

1. I have been loveing those wierd chinese game shows, like Wipeout and hole-in-the wall, they are all impossible and thats probabley why I love them. People look like complete idiots and its the best ever. I for sure would be a wipeout contestant.

2. Danny and I LOVE LOVE LOVE movies, we usually sit for like and hour after hitting a good movie just talking about it and analizing the whole thing. We just baught "Iron Man" and our conversation after was "what superhero would you be" I think danny would for sure be like wolverine or Beast on X-men. He hasnt decided what he thinks I should be. Yeah go ahead.....say it....we are NERDS! I know we have a child and still get so excited about lame conversations. :)

3. I absolutley Crave vacuuming. Its my favorite thing to make those little desighns in the carpet. Theres something about a freshley vacuumed room that is so satisfying. I love that my child will sleep through it because I try to do it whenever i can.

4. I hate the feel of a wet plastic bag! I mean I will touch one if I have to but it honestley makes me GAG!

5. I love the Health channel, I could watch surgeries and crazy life stories all day with some snacks and big coke. Its so interesting to see before and afters. Even Plastic surgery, I totally dont agree with most of it, but for some reason I LOVE watching it.

6. I get really affended when Danny tries to bait my hook when we go fishing. I grew up campin' and fishin' in a pretty big outdoorsey family and seriousley EVERY time we go he tries to do it for me lol. I dont know if its me that is weird or danny, I secretley think that he is intimidated by my mad fishing skills. Things get a little competitive when we go outside. lol.

7. I am a terrible public speaker. my whole body will freeze and it physically hurts. I love making friends and meeting people and going out and being social and stuff but seriously, when Danny and I had to speak in church like a year ago, I had a theme and everything but I didnt say anything that I had prepared, infact I didnt even make sense. I ended my talk with. uhhh k thanks....then I sat down. I had Visible tacos ( those are the sweat marks in your armpits that show up when you are sooo sooo nervous) oh and I had like a perma gliscen on my upper lip, because that is the most visible place I sweat. Anyway. now that I have all of that off my chest...

I am tagging

Adree Bingham
Tiffany Grady
Alisha Webb

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