Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Stink Eye

Here is a video of my Gracy, she was about a month 1\2 at this point, shes now 3 months and some change. She has this thing where she holds her lips into a little cheerio shape like shes going to whistle. Its the cutest thing and I got it on camera! Now at three months she is doing SO much more, I just wish we had a good video camera instead of using the video thing on our camera. Does anyone know of a good camera to buy? Danny and I arent sure if we want a camcorder that uses a jump drive, or those little CD things or tapes or what, We Need some guidence.

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Ryan & Tiffany said...

OMG! Gracy is the cutest thing ever! Her hair looks so cute in that video, it's all flipping out, so cute! That video makes me miss her even more. I am going to have to quit looking at your blog because I get more and more homesick the more I read it. I want to hold Gracy SOOOOOOOO bad and kiss her cheeks and dance with hotpads. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!1